holiday gifts for kids, two ways.

holiday gifts for kids, two ways | reading my tea leaves


In the same spirit as the grown-up version of this year’s gift guide, here are a few ideas for gifts for kiddos (mostly in the toddler set, because, well, write what you know, and all that), presented in two ways. 


Rainbows, Two Ways


+ A sun-catching prism for making rainbows.


+ A stack of pastel-colored blocks for building them.


Little Blue Truck, Two Ways


+ A little blue truck.


+ A companion set of these two favorites.


Play Dough, Two Ways


+ Eco-friendly modeling dough.


+ Flour, cream of tartar, vegetable dye, and a free afternoon to make your own.


Getting Arty, Two Ways


+ Twin crayons.


+ An afternoon at an art museum.


Planting Seeds, Two Ways


+ A story about a Truck Farm (and a sing-a-long, too).


+ A watering can, seeds, dirt, and time.


Sweet Baby, Two Ways


+ A new baby doll.


+ A custom printholiday gifts for kids, two ways | reading my tea leaves


The Polar Express, Two Ways


+ A gift of the children’s classic.


+ A sleigh bell, a subway ticket, and a peppermint stick.



Under the Sea, Two Ways


+ A stackable wave.


+ An afternoon at an aquarium.


Picnic, Two Ways


+ Make-believe fixings.


+ A picnic blanket, a lunch to-go, and a walk to the park.


Blanket Fort, Two Ways


+ A field tent.


+ A blanket, a kitchen chair, and a flashlight for good measure.


Gourmet Meal Training, Two Ways


+ A pitchertiny glasses, and patience for perfecting the pour.


+ An apron for the tiny chef.


Down on the Farm, Two Ways


+ A set of tiny farmy animals.


+ A visit to a nearby farm.


More thoughts on gifts for babies, RIGHT HERE. Strategies for thoughtful gift giving, OVER HERE. The grown-up version of holiday gifts, two ways, THISAWAY.


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