make-believe: ’twas the night before…

make-believe: 'twas the night before christmas | reading my tea leavesAs a child on Christmas Eve, I’d lie awake, in keeping with the cliché, waiting to see if I’d catch a glimpse of Santa Claus and his reindeer dashing across the night sky. I’d leave my electric window candle burning and pull my covers up to my chin. I’d eventually will myself to shut my eyes and would fall asleep to the sound of my parents making their best effort to walk on the stairs that creaked least loudly.

As a parent, I’m learning, after the festive merry making with the whole family, there’s the furtive merry making after the lights go out: The tying up of the last packages and tucking of treats into stockings. 

Here, a make-believe Christmas Eve for a merry-making mama:

+ A kerchief for Ma.

Cozy pajama pants and matching shirt

+ My very favorite Christmas album.

Fleece-lined slippers.

Fancy hot chocolate mugs

+ A plate with cookies enough for a jolly old elf or two. 

+ Beeswax tapers for a little light.

+ Clementines for late-night snacking.

Other things: 


Sugar plums, a brief explanation.


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