my year in objects (mostly).

twelve little things that made my year.  

1. chickadees in january. 


chickadees | reading my tea leaves


2. board butter in february.


board butter | reading my tea leaves


3. a new-to-us table brought home in march. 


table | reading my tea leaves


4. a cot for a couch in april.


cot | reading my tea leaves


5. lilacs in may.


lilacs| reading my tea leaves


6. a belated birth-story in june. 


birth | reading my tea leaves


7. blender lemonade in july. 


blender lemonade | reading my tea leaves


8. maine in august. 


maine | reading my tea leaves


9. plum torte in september.


plum torte | reading my tea leaves 


10. rainy day reminders in october.  (and a brand-new site.)


mail slots brooklyn ny reading my tea leaves


11. a visit to portland in november.


candles | reading my tea leaves


12. a tiny getaway in december.




Wishing each of you a warm and hopeful finish to 2015. Endless thanks for returning to this space.

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