new year, new you.



I’m an admitted resolution junkie. 


On New Years Eve, I filled up three pages in a tiny journal with ideas for self-improvement and goal-getting that run the gamut from utterly attainable to Pollyanna dream-girl bonkers. Then I suggested James to do the same. Spousal coercion aside, here’s the truth of it: You’ll never accomplish what you don’t attempt. Literally. And thinking of something to attempt, well, that’s the first step.

This week, I decided I’ll spare you my complete list of resolutions, and present instead, three posts with easy resolutions related to the things that I write about in this space: home, and wardrobe, and the evergreen goal of being kinder to the Earth. No surprise, these are resolutions written with an eye toward simplifying. Some of these are things that I’ve been doing for years—and some of them I’ve written about before—but there are also things that I’m resolving to commit to for the first time. They all have the three-fold benefit of benefiting my home, my peace of mind, and the planet I call home.

Here’s hoping these ideas offer a little bit of encouragement in the new year. We all need a little nudge now and then. Me, especially.

PS. Many thanks to Nicole for whiling away a morning taking shots of my face. New year, new me.

For the curious:


My blouse was a gift from Pas de Calais.


My jeans are the same pair I’ve worn in every single one of the photos of me on this blog in the past four months. These ones. More on jeans, HERE.


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