minimalist wardrobe resolutions for a new year.

I’ve said before: I’m not a clothes horse, or a fashionista, or fabulously stylish. I want to feel good in my clothes, absolutely. I want to feel beautiful and comfortable every day. (Small request, no?) I also want getting dressed to be a simple affair. I want to wake up in the morning and open my drawer or my closet and be able to select, in a matter of minutes, something to wear for the day. There’s no such thing as effortless but I do enjoy keeping a wardrobe that requires less effort. This is my particular wish. It might not be yours. You might derive great joy from putting together a fabulous and inventive ensemble of lovingly selected and vibrantly colored garments. You do you.

Here are four resolutions I have in the continued march toward maintaining a minimalist wardrobe:

minimalist wardrobe resolutions | reading my tea leaves

Buy less, love more.

This fall I bought two pairs of jeans on the same day. One of them I love. I wear them near daily. The other I wear only occasionally. I can’t tell you why precisely. Something about the weft or warp of the fabric. Something about the particular place where they hit my hips. It’s hard to say what makes a particular thing work better than another. I feel like I probably knew this at the time of purchase. I wish I had waited on buying the second pair. Something to work on.

minimalist wardrobe resolutions | reading my tea leaves

Mend and mind.

I’m working on my continued mission to take care with what I have. To address things that need attention: removing stains, and resewing buttons, and depilling sweaters. And to take good care of what I have. (In tandem: to become less bereft, when inevitably something does get shrunken or damaged.)

minimalist wardrobe resolutions | reading my tea leaves

Shop small.

This is my personal resolution this year: To buy only from small makers and to know a bit more about the where and when and who of the clothes I’m bringing into my house. I don’t mind that it can be limiting. In fact, that’s the point. I feel admittedly well set up for this right now because I don’t feel like I really *need* very much more. But if there’s something that I decide I *want*, I’d love for that thing to come from someplace knowable.

minimalist wardrobe resolutions | reading my tea leaves

Work with the seasons.

I’m not a huge clothes shopper, but here’s a resolution for those of you who are; a little guideline for the folks who genuinely enjoy shopping, but who might be desiring a shift in process. I think we can beat fast-fashion retailers at their own game by deciding to shop seasonally rather than perennially. The rise in fast-fashion chains who produce never-ending collections of new clothing encourages a similarly relentless purchasing pattern. If we decide instead to shop seasonally and to look out adding only a few thoughtful items with a shift in the seasons, I think that could be a good—and easy—start. It requires wearing a certain kind of blinders, perhaps. Or finding an alternative to after-work therapeutic shopping. But it might be a good place to begin.

What about you guys? Any sartorial resolutions in your worlds?

In case you missed them: zero-waste resolutions and decluttering resolutions for the new year. 

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