make your own: necklace organizer.

necklace organizer | reading my tea leaves This past weekend, I detangled my necklaces for the last time. I thought you might like to know about it.

In shifting our bedroom to the other room a few weeks ago, I lost the little hook on the wall where I used to keep my easily tangled necklaces. (It’s not lost exactly, it’s just still hanging out in the bedroom.) Since then, my necklaces have been strung up and looking messy hanging from the corner of my dresser mirror.

This weekend, I took the lot of them off the mirror to do a little dusting and then promptly dropped them onto the ground. They just slipped out of my hand. How a pile of necklaces can go from tangle-free to world’s-most-frustrating-puzzle in a split second is beyond me, but suffice to say the five necklaces turned into one gigantic knot and required twenty minutes of emergency surgery to untangle.

Tell me you’ve been there, too.

Well, no longer. I spent exactly two minutes making a solution for keeping necklaces tangle- and tarnish- free from here forward. The trick is so easy that it’s almost not worth writing about. Maybe you already do this. Maybe your ten-year-old niece does this. But in case I’m not the last one to the party, and in case I can save you the pain and suffering of detangling another pile of necklaces, here you go:necklace organizer | reading my tea leaves

Safety Pin Necklace Organizer

Here’s what you need:

+ 1 swatch of fabric cut into a rectangle. (It should be wide enough to accommodate your necklaces, spaced about an inch-and-a-half apart, and long enough for the longest necklace to rest on the fabric. I used a length of linen I had saved. It wasn’t quite as long as my longest necklace. I’m not worried about it.)

+ Safety pins enough for all of the necklaces. If you have a great many necklaces, you’ll likely want to split them up onto different swatches. I used the kind of safety pin that has a round bottom and that’s often used to hang clothing tags. The rounded bottom makes them ideal for stringing necklaces without the chain getting caught on the pin.

+ Cotton pouch.necklace organizer | reading my tea leaves

Here’s what to do:

Pin your necklaces to the swatch of fabric. Aaaaand you’re done!

Well, nearly. I pinned mine in a straight line across the top of a piece of linen fabric and strung one necklace per pin. Then I rolled the fabric around each necklace (like in the photo above!) until I got a slim tube of necklaces. I folded the tube in half and slipped it into a little cotton pouch. Et voila. Now you’re done.

If you want to get fancy, you can hem your fabric. You could sew on ribbons for securing your necklaces more tightly on the bottoms. You could add any manner of other gadgets that would take this from being the world’s simplest DIY to the world’s second simplest DIY. I, clearly, went extremely low-tech.  IMG_2609Here it is, my finished necklace storage, all tucked into a pouch that came with this sweet gift from Becca. Done and done.

What about you? Any five-minute fixes you’ve stumbled into lately?

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