simple matters, out on shelves.

simple matters by erin boyle | reading my tea leavesI’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do today. Reread my book? Sleep late and eat bon-bons and luxuriate in the fact that today is the day that you get to read it? Call up all of my friends and harangue them about whether their copy has arrived? Ask them to do a slow drive-by of the neighborhood bookstore and see if they can catch a glimpse of Simple Matters there?

Sounds like a plan if ever there was one.

Simple Matters is on my shelf. Maybe it’s on yours too. Or hanging out on the shelves of a bookstore near you. Maybe it’s mid-flight, wrapped up and bouncing around in the back of a truck or the belly of a plane, crossing the sea to land on your doorstep. Soon, soon. It’s tremendous, really. The process of writing a book exists in an old-fashioned realm that’s more or less entirely without instant gratification. But the release of the book? The hashtags and emails and photos snapped on phones? Well, that’s some of the best kind of instant gratification there is. I’m so grateful for your enthusiasm. So tickled to have you reading. So relieved that the wait is over.simple matters by erin boyle | reading my tea leavesIf you have a copy in your hands already, I’d just about die of happiness to see it in your space. You can use the #simplemattersbook hashtag to share it on Instagram.simple matters by erin boyle | reading my tea leavesOnce you’ve dug in and if you enjoy what’s on the page, it would be incredible to have you lend your voice in an Amazon review.simple matters by erin boyle | reading my tea leavesAnd if you want to celebrate, I’ll be doing a book reading on Friday at Book Court in Brooklyn, and another in my hometown—Madison, Connecticut—on Saturday afternoon. There will be wine and hugs. Details here.

And from the bottom of my fluttering heart, thank you.

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