make-believe: valentine\’s day date.

valentine's day date | reading my tea leaves

Announcing your Valentine’s plans to stay in, drink a bottle of red wine, eat pizza, and cozy up with a movie (or lovah) has become nearly as cliche as the bouquet of red roses, the box of chocolates, and the diamonds in a heart-shaped box. Though odds are very much in our favor that we will end up watching a movie in bed and trying not to get crumbs of chocolate on the white sheets, it’s nice to think about a slightly different approach to a Valentine’s Day date (with just enough of business as usual to remember what day it is).

I’m thinking a dreamy day would include:

A morning minute with a bit of body polish for a fresh start.

A turquoise bra and underwear for breaking the mold.

A beautiful hat for staying mysterious.

A leather bag for toting around a boxful of locally made chocolates.

A special little sparkle to keep things festive.

An afternoon spent admiring the male physique at the Dance on Camera Festival.*

A magnificent bouquet in the palest peach.

A temporary tattoo, because love might be everlasting but ink doesn’t have to be.

(There’d be clothes and meals and spousal squabbles mixed in there too, but we’re playing pretend, and who has time for those things in the land of make-believe?)

*Photo of Ted Shawn and dancers from The New Yorker. Original image courtesy of the Harvard Theater Collection and Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival Archives.

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