make-believe: california dreaming.

make-believe: la | reading my tea leaves

Regarding the title: I had to. I’m sorry.

This is only partially make believe. (Thank god!) I’m headed to Southern California in a few weeks, and if I sound like I’m being very casual about it, trust, I am not.

I’m hoping the trip will include some much-needed sunshine, a little celebrating of Simple Matters, West-Coast style, and some pure desert magic. Mostly, I’m bonkers excited. Gawking at LA instagrams has become like a second, not-at-all lucrative job for me. I’m fully expecting to be cloaked in sunshine and bumping into palm trees left and right! I can practically taste the tacos! Faye-girl’s gonna get some time outside of a puffer coat! James is gonna make us all move to the beach! I’m gonna be high on serotonin! I can’t wait.


Here are a few things for sporting on an imaginary afternoon in LA:

These sunglasses, because with a name like that, how could I not?

This “crop” and this “hipster” for just in case.

This jumpsuit, because it’s sleeveless and gauzy.



This scarf for a little color.

These huaraches, because…sandals.

This market bag for treasure hunting and other things.

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