how to work better.

how_to_work_better_reading__my_tea_leaves_IMG_4784My sister once told me to make sure I smile during interviews, even if theyre not on camera. You can hear a smile in a voice, she said, even if you cant see it. And you know, I think the same is true of writing.


I had a different draft of this post written before the weekend. And when I reread it, instead of hearing a smile, I could hear a frown. The sense of exhaustion was palpable. Whatever battle with inertia or gloom or being hungry at 4:00 pm that I was facing when I wrote it, you couldread about it between the lines.


And as much as those feelings were true in that moment, I decided to tackle the post again. This time, with a smile.


Fayes asleep. A new weeks not yet begun.Im wearing raw honey smeared on my face which makes me look part shiny superhero and part gooey monster. The apartments about a million degrees because were on a Sunday night sourdough pizza kick and our steam radiator is still working overtime, bless her little heart. Ive got a list of things to do tomorrow thats about a mile long, and thank goodness. Nothing beats inertia like a good sprint in the opposite direction.


My point is:I got this. You do too.


Lets forge aheadthis week andtackle things one at a time. Lets distinguish sense from nonsense. Lets remember that even if were having a shit week, were not shit. Thats as simple as I can say it.


Sorry for swearing. Twice.how_to_work_better_reading__my_tea_leaves_IMG_4778PS.First installedon a wall in Zurich in 1991, this mural from artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss is currently being exhibited on the corner of Houston and Mott Streets in Manhattan. Its a nice to thing to stumble upon and an even nicer thing to return to. To learn more about the work, visit the Public Art Fund.

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