my week in objects (mostly)

five little things that made my week.


1. these ruffly tulips.


tulips_reading_my_tea_leaves_IMG_8635 {because, ruffly tulips.}


2. these new chair seats.




{for mostly working the way i thought they might. thank god for helpful friends. more soon.}

3. this little bag of compost.




{because it’s a sweet reminder that our food scraps get turned into something good.}

4. this little tapestry for sitting on.




{and the sweet bag to tote it in. because we brought our dinner to the park four nights this week. working on five. YAS.}


5. this rendition of the moon.moon_reading_my_tea_leaves_IMG_8662


other things:

getaway: new york edition.



spring at schoolhouse electric.


the dark side of comments.

…nor do I have a Robert Mapplethorpe hanging around to snap me on the fly.”

pretty new bath duds.

every kid in a park.

tiny apartment survival checklist.

not crying is not an option.


busty bralettes.

me in other places:

spring cleaning and chance to win a copy of simple matters.


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