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I was marooned in a café recently, minding my own business, when a couple of bros sat behind me and began to wax expert on some kind of startup that at least one of them was very passionate about. There was a lot of dude-ing involved. I don’t know what exactly they were talking about but I do know that they were talking very loudly and that I was des-per-ate for it to stop. And desperate for anything else to drown out the noise. 


Enduring their conversation did have the happy benefit of reminding me that I’ve been wanting to share a few favorite podcasts where I get to listen to women wax expert, or, be experts, or interview experts. Or just be generally funny.

Unless I’m doing something with my hands, or editing photos, I can’t work very well while listening to podcasts, but when I am doing those things, podcasts make working by myself so much less boring. In case the same is true for you, here’s a little list of podcasts that I’ve been listening to lately. (I promise this isn’t my not-very-covert way of getting you to listen to podcasts that have had me as guests. It’s just that I’ve had the total pleasure of getting to make a few guest appearances on the shows of badass women this year.)

2 Dope Queens: I snarf a minimum of five times per podcast. Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are hilarious (and smart and touching) in this hysterical podcast where they riff on race and love and New York City among other things. They bring on comedian friends to do a bit for each podcast. It’s short and funny and so good. PSA: It’s not for the delicate of spirit, so if you’re not comfortable with a bit of adult language every now and then, this might not be the right fit for you. (Subscribe in iTunes.)

Call Your Girlfriend: I don’t know why it took me so long to really get into this podcast from Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, but I’m so glad that I finally started listening more regularly. I loved this episode with Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen. It’s so refreshing to hear a fellow blogger speak candidly about the work of her work (if you know what I mean). Also this one on periods, because obviously. (Subscribe in iTunes.)

Why Do We Have Things: Rita Mehta, who runs the American Edit, started this podcast with Erin Husted of Hackwith Design House at the beginning of this year. The podcast is a series of conversations with independent designers, artists, and small business owners (and your occasional book-writing blogger;)) about what they do and why they do it. Thoughtful conversations on creative process, product design, ethical businesses, and…stuff! My favorite topic of all. (Subscribe in iTunes.)

A Few Things With Claire and Erica: I’ve mentioned here before how much I love the weekly newsletter from Of A Kind founders, Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo. Their podcast is like a deep-dive into a few of the things they mention there, with the added bonus of getting to listen to the two of them finish each other’s sentences. It’s fun and funny and I learn something new every time I tune in. (Subscribe in iTunes.)

That’s So Retrograde: When I was out in LA, I chatted away with Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari on their very-California-in-the-best-possible-way podcast. I especially liked their latest episode on zero-waste. (Also def comes with a parental advisory; you’ve been warned, kids.) (Subscribe in iTunes.)

Please, oh please, share your favorites below.

PS. More on some of this podcast-y stuff going into my May newsletter this weekend (along with an announcement about a special NYC event next week!). Sign up below in case you haven’t already.

PPS. For more really great podcast recs, follow my friend Camille Storch (@WaywardSpark) on instagram. She’s a podcast-listening champ. Also, semi-relatedly, she’s a purveyor of amazing raw honey. Save the bees, buy honey.

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