make-believe: paris morning.

make-believe: paris morning | reading my tea leaves




We’re checking the days off the calendar and somehow it’s feeling more and more unreal that we’re bound for France in just two weeks. (Ack!) We’ll be staying a few nights in Paris when we first land and so my Parisian daydreams are beginning in earnest. Of course in these dreams there’s no jet-lag and no agenda; just a fluffy bed, breakfast in bed, and a morning to while away.


Here’s what else:


These pajamas (top and bottom) for elegance and coziness.


A chic French press for brewing the café to my au lait.


The perfect bowl for sipping it out of.


A tray sturdy enough to withstand the weight of…


a dozen croissants (the crumblier, the better). 


A guidebook to the City of Lights.


The perfect pillow-y throw for snuggling under as we plan our day.


A bath soak for once I finally wrest myself out of bed.


Sounds like a plan, non?

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