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favorite children's book of the moment | reading my tea leaves


I’ve gone to the dark side and am now the owner of an e-book reader. (James gave me a Kindle for Mother’s Day. I had no idea that Mother’s Day is the new birthday, either. Bar just raised unreasonably high for Father’s Day.) Anyway. I’ve since queued up more Brooklyn Public Library books than I can probably read and I’m terribly pleased about the whole neat package.  favorite children's book of the moment | reading my tea leaves


Rest assured that I’ve not given up on books bound and printed. It’s just that the personal library that I’m expanding these days is most often filled with books of the illustrated variety. I can hardly walk by the bookstores in our neighborhood without stopping in. And I rarely leave empty handed. Here’s to maximalist children’s book collections.


favorite children's book of the moment | reading my tea leavesSince it’s been a while since I last wrote about our favorite children’s books and since there’s nothing I enjoy reading more than a list of what other people are reading, I thought a little update might be in order. All of our original favorites are still going strong, but we’ve added some books that are brand-spanking new and a few that are older than the hills but new to us and we love them all. 


favorite children's book of the moment | reading my tea leaves


Most of the books feature little girls and children of color because goodness knows we need to see more children’s books with all kinds of humans.favorite children's book of the moment | reading my tea leaves

Herewith, a few favorites:

Last Stop on Market Street (Amazon/Indiebound)


This total delight tells the story of a little boy’s bus ride to a soup kitchen with his grandmother. The prose is sweet and poetic and the portrayal of city life and general good cheer is refreshing and inspiring.


There is a Tribe of Kids (Amazon/Indiebound)


I can’t get enough of the beautiful watercolors in this brand new book. So many cute kiddos, so many cute animals. Faye is totally smitten with this simple and sweet book.


This is Sadie (Amazon/Indiebound)


This is one of my very favorites. The illustrations are just beautiful and the story celebrates imagination and resourcefulness.


The Bear and the Piano (Amazon/Indiebound)


I don’t always go in for the anthropomorphized animals in children’s books, but this piano-playing bear kind of got me. Plus I get a good chuckle from the illustrations which seem to indicate that Brooklyn is a forest just across the river from the bright lights of Manhattan. 


Blueberries for Sal (Amazon/Indiebound)


The original children’s book to showcase a little girl who isn’t all princessed out. I love little Sal and baby bear and all those kuplunking blueberries. The prose is old-fashioned, and the story a bit repetitive, but that’s probably why I love this classic. 


If You Ever Want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, Don’t (Amazon/Indiebound)


I don’t really know. Faye loves to imitate the faces made by the plucky main character in this story and I love watching her do it. Silly and funny and with a final message that encourages kids to make creative use of the things around them. 


Madeline (Amazon/Indiebound)


The rhyming. Can’t get enough of the rhyming. The other day we walked up the stairs to our apartment reciting the book from memory with Faye filling in the blanks. To the tiger in the zoo, Madeline just said…pooh-pooh! 


Sidewalk Flowers (Amazon/Indiebound)


This wordless story is a favorite around here. We mostly scan each page intently for signs of doggies or squirrels. I love the cityscapes in this book and of course the notion of walking around town making tiny bouquets from sidewalk flowers has me all kinds of happy.


What about you guys? Favorites of the moment or all time? Share!

More about my general thoughts about bedtime reading and an initial list of favorites, right here.

For the curious: Faye’s polka-dotty pajamas.

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